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CMA’s, a Comparative Market Analysis, Getting it Right!

CMA’s, a Comparative Market Analysis, Getting it Right!

Are you considering selling your property? It is always interesting to see that some car shoppers will spend a lot of time researching the sticker price and discounts of a particular new vehicle, but remain blind as to what the current market value of their condo unit is. There are many variables that can affect the value and selling price of a property.

Some sellers speak to multiple agents, only to end up listing with the one agent who is suggesting the highest unrealistic listing price; this is possibly the worst mistake a seller can make. Unfortunately, this is the result of another common mistake which is failing to obtain, review and understand a detailed and comprehensive “Comparative Market Analysis” CMA report, one prepared by a qualified Realtor.

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A Florida Condo Virgin’s Guide for 1st Time Buyers

A Florida Condo Virgin’s Guide for 1st Time Buyers

For the first time buyer of a Condominium unit there are several things that need to be considered and perhaps the easiest way to review them is to see it in an outline form for the sake of simplicity.

  • Are you working with a Realtor who knows and understands Florida Statutes 718, governing Condominiums? A Realtor who is capable of explaining individual ownership of the residential living unit vs. joint ownership of the common elements? And can also explain the management of the above by a Condominium Association as well as the restrictions imposed by the rules and regulations that all shared owners must abide by?
  • If you are a first time Condominium buyer that does not fully understand the pros and cons of the Condominium lifestyle…go back to #1 above and start over with an experienced Realtor that can better explain and guide you in the acquisition of your new residence, one who can offer a better insight of what you are buying into.


Will I Get a Better Deal on a Short Sale?

Will I Get a Better Deal on a Short Sale?

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In today’s Real Estate market my most often asked question is:

“Will I get a better deal on a short sale?”

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