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For over 25 years Michael has been in Real Estate, both Commercial and Residential but his Business training and Background has for the past 11 years found him a niche in helping clients  looking for just the right fit of an ongoing, established, profitable business to purchase.

Michael sees this challenge as one of his passions; it takes a special recipe of equal parts of Matchmaking, Business knowledge and Interpretation of Financial statements along with a high dose of ethics to be able to guide a potential buyer to an ongoing profitable business that will give the client the fulfillment in their lives that a job never will and a potential for future growth and security.

Most start-up businesses will take at least two years to establish themselves, create a name and turn a profit…many of them will not even survive the first two years!. There are too many reasons to mention here as to why a start-up business may fail, the word to avoid is “RISK”, the purchase of an established business with a verifiable track record, verifiable financials and a trade name along with an established client base and an established market standing may allow a potential buyer with careful analysis and the proper due-diligence to comprehend how solid an investment he is actually making while reducing the initial risk of a start-up.

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Michael Duenas

Realty in Miami, Inc.
1160 Kane Concourse ·  Suite 301
Bay Harbour Islands, Florida 33154
Office: (305) 937·1717



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