Buying Commercial Real Estate

Our Real Estate team has accumulated significant knowledge in South Florida Commercial Real Estate, able to expertly cover any of your needs in searching, finding and executing within any of the Commercial related fields, be it Leasing of Professional, Retail or Warehousing space or the Acquisition of Residential Multi-family, Conversion property, Industrial or Development land.

Always based and clearly focused on maintaining a simple Client- centric approach and never forgetting the client’s reasonable needs.

We begin by setting a meeting to carefully listen and most of all hear the client personally describe the priorities, the investment budget, and specific location preferences, at this time we explain issues such as the limitations often imposed by zoning restrictions for intended use if other than current use, not a concern in a simple Residential purchase.

Once a clear goal is defined we proceed to tailor a multi-tech approach to searching all available commercial listing sites, keeping in mind that generally the largest deals in the Commercial marketplace are rarely listed on an exclusive basis and therefore not entered into most Multiple Listing Services, leaving two options for a dedicated Broker: A) direct solicitation or, B) networking with other Brokers and offices.

Planning for a purchase involves identifying the right property, surveying the market for pricing, inspecting the property for physical condition, code compliance and additional cost in deferred repairs, elaborating an offer and preparing a “Letter of Intent” to first deal with the big issue “Price”, and creating a timeline to resolve all other issues on a formal and final contract.

Our success rate remains high!

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