Selling a Business

When selling a business it becomes extremely important to use the services of a Florida Licensed Real Estate-Business Broker.  Buyers and sellers rarely agree on the value of the business!

It is important to use the proper methodology in pricing a business, careful analysis of the business financials will most likely reveal hidden profits for the bottom line such as owner’s salary, depreciation expense, personal credit card charges to the business, health insurance, car insurance, travel expenses, personal gas charges, and many other expenses that may be a benefit to the current owner and not show up as income…we convert that number to “NET OWNERS BENEFIT” a figure that will transfer to the new owner and no doubt will in a provable way increase the Business value in a sale.

Feelings and emotions do more harm than good, a proper pricing strategy will ensure that the final outcome be acceptable for both sides, a correct valuation of the business is critical, otherwise it will keep your business sidelined from receiving offers or even selling.

There are many factors to consider such as the following:

  • Current business profitability.
  • Historical profit and profit margins.
  • Future profit potential.
  • Accuracy of financial records.
  • Condition of equipment, facility and employee status.
  • Leases and lease terms.
  • Real Estate (if any).
  • Goodwill and intangibles.
  • Desirability of business.
  • Terms such as financing and/or owner financing.


Marketing a Business:

  • BBF Business Brokers of Florida MLS (applicable only to business sales).
  • – commercial Realty site (if any Real Estate is included).
  • MLXchange – Regional SEF shared database MLS.

In Business specific sales, in addition, or in combination with the above internet advertisements, ads may be placed in various other, affiliated business sales sites. Information is networked and exchanged with other Business Brokerage Associations on local, National and International levels, as well as Realtors, Attorneys and Accountants.

Each Marketing Plan may be custom tailored, according to property requirements and Broker’s discretion, and may not include all of the above components.

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